With the quarantine in full swing, a few of us are starting to feel the effects of Cabin-Fever – or the feeling of being trapped and useless at home. While the virus may indeed be a burden, there is one positive that we can consider – we now have the gift of time. Given that, here are 5 things to do in a Quarantine.

Take Stock

Electrolux air conditioner for large rooms

When was the last time you cleaned your airconditioner?

When was the last time you inspected your home? Consider, for example, that the rainy season is a few months away and now you have no excuse to get ahead of those pesky leaks – or to at least clear your gutters. We’re sure that, with proper inspection, you will find many other facilities that need either cleaning, maintenance of scheduled upgrades or repairs. These are things that we often push aside given the hustle and bustle of daily life. The cleaning and maintenance of some home facilities is easy enough, as are some DIY projects. Sadly however all hardware stores remain closed. Still, you now have the opportunity to determine what you need; whether or not you can DIY a project or if it will need professional help; and properly prepare or schedule it for when the quarantine ends.

Learn New Skills

The time we have is a learning opportunity. There are several sites that use offer short diploma or certificate courses for a fee – such as www.Udemy.com. where you can learn everything from Basic Mandarin; to how to play a guitar, to; programming and even photoshop. Sites like their commonly offer sales and discounts to people who want to learn in a more professional and cohesive manner.

5 things to do in a Quarantine

Udemy is one of those places where you can learn new skills

Alternately, there is Youtube. Youtube is completely free! Professionals may or may not be giving the lessons, and they may not come with the support or comprehensive coverage that paid-sites offer. Still. Its a wonderful source for learning. You just have to dig deeper in some cases.

5 things to do in a Quarantine

Learn for free on Youtube

Get Creative

You have the time, you no longer have the excuse to write the great Filipino novel, or to create art, or do sculpt, or to improve your singing. Please don’t limit yourself to a 5 second TikTok video – amusing as they may be – go for the full dance. One of the greatest things you can do this quarantine is to share your talent with others. Help provide inspiration and hope. Italy is one of the countries greatest hit by the Corona Virus. In response, Italians have taken to their balconies and started singing to express their solidarity and let other people trapped in their home know, that Italy will not go gently into that good-night.


Rapunzel endured quarantine for years – and she found her prince charming. Yes, believe it or not, you can date people while in this quarantine. Technology has reached that point where someone could be across the globe, but you are watching the same film on Netflix while talking to the person via Viber or Skype. Get creative. Just because we live in a time of social distancing doesn’t mean you cannot talk to someone til they finally fall asleep. It’s actually the stuff of romance novels.

5 Things to do in a Quarantine

Netflix Party is a new way to watch Netflix with your friends online.

Help the less fortunate under Quarantine

If you can afford all of this, then you can probably spare a little for our front-liners and for those who are less fortunate. Make a donation today on-line to several charitable institutions who are still working at this time to help alleviate the suffering of those who may have contracted the virus, or those who simply not in a position to make it through the quarantine.

5 things to do in a Quarantine

The ABS-CBN Foundation is just one of many organizations that you can donate to, working to help those hit by this quarantine.

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