ALLGEMEINE BAU-CHEMIE PHIL., INC. – or ABC Phil. Inc. – is the Philippine pioneer and leader in modern tiling technology. In 1981, this Filipino-Austrian joint venture introduced Tile Adhesive and Tile Grout to the construction industry to address the specific needs of architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors, developers and homeowners, for high quality tile setting and tile grouting materials

ABC Lasting Tile Installations

ABC Lasting Tile Installations

ECO Friendly Building Material

As with anything beautiful, functional and lasting, what lies beneath is key.  Beneath the surface of impressive tiled floors and walls is ABC Tile Adhesive, an eco-friendly building material designed by experts to ensure superior bonding, able to withstand and adapt to thermal and substrate deformation, endure structural movement, maximize productivity as well as reduce material and labor cost.  Available in Original, Heavy Duty and newest variant, Low Dust.  ABC Tile Adhesive is best used as a system with ABC Tile Grout and Tile Grout Waterproofing to achieve a professional finish and maximize the visual appeal of your space.  ABC Tiling 101 mobile app, a free tool created by ABC, assists professionals and homeowners with their tile installation.


Just as flooring is vital to any structure, so are walls and ceilings.  Underneath flawless walls and ceilings is another eco-friendly product by ABC –Zemcoat Skimcoat.   Zemcoat is a thin plastering mortar that covers minor imperfections, corrects and smoothens surface unevenness of raw concrete and plastered surfaces to achieve the aspired silky smooth finish.  It reduces construction cost by replacing three products –concrete neutralizer, patching compound and flat latex as primer into one product that is fast and easy to apply.  Available in Super Fine and Original variants.

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