Recently we came across one of Boysen Paints’ very entertaining videos. The video basically tells the story of a guy and how he survives his heart being broken by doing various DIY projects in his cozy – but messy – abode.

This is one of his projects: A DIY Doggie bed made from an old tire and some paint. It’s such an easy yet novel idea that we decided to provide a breakdown of material costs that you would need for this project. Almost all of the material required for this project can be purchased on-line on (After all, if you are struggling through having your heart trampled on by the love of your life, we’re pretty sure you don’t want to leave your home. Shop for material on-line instead).

The items used were:

Total spent for this handy and decorative Doggie-Day-Bed is a mere: PhP 603.50. All of which you can order on this website or through our Facebook page.