MY MC Home has long offered Citronella Candles and Multi-Purpose Sprays for sale. This wonder-plant, works as a natural repellent for insects and emits a relaxing and therapeutic fragrance. The National Dengue Alert declared recently by the department of health (DOH) only stresses the need for Citronella. The DOH suggests the use of insect repellents to reduce the chances of acquiring Dengue. Given that Citronella is a natural oil and not chemically processed, it is a practical and healthy investment. Citronella is one of the best first line defenses in helping prevent the spread of Dengue.

HERE’S a sad fact to let you know how bad the dengue epidemic has become close to 100 000 cases of dengue occurred in the first 6 months of 2019

Citronella Candles and Multi-Purpose Sprays

Citronella Candles and Sprays at MY MC Home

MY MC Home’s Citronella Candles and Multi-Purpose sprays are from Homessences. Ms. Mary Ann Gendrala founded the company in 2001. At first, Ms Gendrala saw candle making as an experimental hobby done in her kitchen, It has since evolved into company that provides decorative and scented candles to medium and high-end stores. Homessences prides itself with the detailed quality and workmanship of their candles. And as of today, they provide affordable luxuries designed for home decorating, mood setting or gift giving.

Dengue Outbreak Declared. Click here.

Homessences has the following to say about Citronella Oil: ” Citronella Oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has a lot of therapeutic benefits. It can help treat and prevent colds, fevers and headaches. As a massage oil, it may work in relieving individuals suffering from arthritis. 

Spraying essential oils into a room will inhibit the growth of bacterial colonies. A diffuser is also an effective way to finely vaporize essential oils without harming or altering their vital components and valuable properties. It will clean the air and neutralize mildew, cigarette smoke and all disagreeable odors.

They go on to suggest that Citronella will serve to drive mosquitoes and other insects away.

MY MC Home carries the following Citronella Candles and Multi-Purpose Sprays if you are interested in reducing the risk of getting Dengue, or just wish to have cleaner air where you live:

  • 100 ML Citronella Multi-Purpose Travel Spray – PhP 123.25
  • 400 ML Citronella Multi-Purpose Spray refill – PhP 361.75
  • 3 x 3 Citronella Candles – PhP 184.75
  • Citronella Basket Candles – MY MC Home carries the small, and large version of these Basket Candles. They are for sale for PhP 538.50 and PhP 1,307.75 respectively

Chat with our E-Commerce Representative at MC Home Depot’s Facebook page to order these on-line. Conversely, you can also purchase Citronella Candles and Multi-Purpose Sprays at MY MC Home at the following locations:

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