As we write this, we can’t help but feel sad that within the next few days there will be over 50,000 people in the Philippines infected with COVID-19. Given how ravaged our economy is, shifting back to a stricter quarantine does not seem to be a viable option. Just recently it was revealed that eleven ticket sellers for the Manila Metro Rail Transit System tested positive for COVID-19 potentially infecting even more people with every ticket they dispensed. But perhaps the worst news of all was the results of a recent SWS survey that revealed that 44% of the population believe the pandemic to be over. Let us make no mistake, the pandemic is still very real. And now more than ever, we should take proactive steps to reduce the possibility of both contracting the virus, and spreading it as to go to-and-from work every day. Here is our Guide to Working under the New Normal.


Whether you commute, bike, drive or walk to work, there are a few items that you must never, ever leave home without:

  • Face-mask: Do the research and invest in a surgical facemask or a KN95. A good facemask provides you with some protection, AND, probably more importantly, helps reduce the spread of the Coronavirus should you be infected AND NOT KNOW IT.
  • Faceshield: Viruses commonly enter the body through the mouth, nose, or any open wound. But did you know that they can also enter your system through your eyes? Faceshields protect your eyes and provide a direct wall protecting your mouth and nose.
  • Personal Disinfectant: Handwashing still stands out as the best way to prevent the spread of any virus, but handwashing stations are few and hard to find. So you should always have a small bottle of personal disinfectant with you to keep your hands clean. Disinfect and disinfect as often as you deem necessary. If you ride the MRT and buy a ticket, you can disinfect it – and your hands – without ruining the ticket. Feel free to disinfect your hands every-time you touch an unknown surface.



The new normal requires a paradigm shift. It involves a change in our attitude and how we deal with other people. The best possible mentality that we have to adapt under the New Normal is to “Assume, and behave like you have COVID-19.” If you adapt this mindset and treat others like you are infected – and not the other way around – you will come to realization that the precautions mentioned above and the new normal is not meant to inconvenience you and your lifestyle. They’re there because you do not want your loved ones – your wife, your kids, your friends, your co-workers, your family, your parents and siblings – to contact CORONA Virus. If this were true:

  • You would take the first part of this article very seriously and make sure you are properly equipped everyday, especially in the workplace.
  • Commuting is when you are most hazardous.
    • You don’t want to infect anyone so you will refrain from going near other people, and remember to disinfect as you go. So definitely no crowding, and no rushing the door because you’re late.
    • You will refrain from talking to other people and will wear your facemask at all times.
  • At work, you will work to ensure that you comply with the following:
    • Completely, and honestly filling up the contact tracing forms of the DOH.
    • Regular handwashing – especially after sneezing or coughing.
    • Replacing your mask should the interior become moist – which is a common occurrence especially if you have to talk a lot at work.
    • Refraining from physical contact with anyone – this means no handshaking, high-fives or back-pats – work to maintain social distancing at all times. If you see a group of people on the streets who aren’t practicing social distancing, the correct attitude is not “If they’re not practicing it, then I don’t have to.” The correct attitude is, “I don’t want to infect all of them.” and walk around or away from them.
    • And, as scary as this may sound, immediately report and of the following symptoms should you feel them before work or during work. Especially if they are accompanied by several other symptoms. Because if you really do have COVID, then you most certainly should not want to spread the virus. The Symptoms are:
      • Common Symptoms:
        • Fever
        • Dry Cough
        • Tiredness
      • Less common Symptoms:
        • Body Aches and Pains
        • Sore Throat
        • Diarrhea
        • Conjunctivitis
        • Headaches
        • Loss of taste or smell
        • Skin rash or discoloration of fingers and toes
      • Urgent Symptoms (Call the COVID Hotline – 02-894-COVID (02-894-26843) or; 1555; or your local hospital). We recommend the following as well should you be experiencing these symptoms.
        • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
        • Chest pain or Pressure
        • Loss of speech or movement
  • You will accept that coming home makes you a danger to your family. Coming home entails a sort of quarantine where you avoid immediate direct contact with everyone – and we mean everyone, including pets – and everything disinfecting everything (including your body) that may carry the virus. A full list of recommendations can be found here.

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