MC Home presents the Hanabishi Bundle Blast Promotion! The first tie-up between MC Home Depot and one of the country’s leading home appliances brands, offers great savings for those looking for quality home appliances.

Hanabishi Bundle Blast


Not that many people know that MC Home Depot has Hanabishi, a company that has been in service in the Philippines since 1986, as an active tenant in all three of its branches. Hanabishi’s dedication to consistently carry out its mandate of providing patrons with quality and affordability, seemed like a perfect fit for MC Home Depot.  Now the two companies have tied up to offer three special packages for customers.

BUNDLE 1: The first Bundle Blast which is designed for happy homemakers, bachelors or busy professionals living alone, combines the following:

  • A Pressure Cooker valued at PhP 1, 185.00;
  • A Juice Blender valued at PhP 1,055.00;
  • A Gas Stove valued at PhP 940.00;
  • A Desk fan valued at PhP 995.00, and;
  • A Rice Cooker valued at PhP 970.00

Normally this bundle would cost PhP 5, 145.00, but from June 15 to September 30, 2019, you can get this bundle for only PhP 4,800.00!

Hanabishi Bundle Blast

Bundle 2

BUNDLE 2: The second Bundle Blast would again be perfect for professionals living alone or for students living in dorm rooms. It combines the following items from Hanabishi:

  • An Electric Airpot valued at PhP 1,540.00;
  • A dual gas-stove valued at PhP 1,130.00;
  • A Industrial floor fan valued at PhP 980;
  • A Flat Iron valued at PhP 580; and;
  • An Electric oven valued at PhP 3,045.00

Normally this bundle would cost PhP 7,275.00, but from June 15 to September 30, 2019, under the MC Home Hanabishi Bundle Blast, you only need to pay for PhP 6,900.00 for the entire set.

BUNDLE 3. The final Hanabishi Bundle Blast is again for those professionals

Hanabishi Bundle Blast

Bundle 3

living alone, but its a more serious package that comes with a buddy fridge! Included in this bundle are the following:

  • A Buddy Refrigerator valued at PhP 5,580.00
  • A Cool Blossom Desk Fan valued at PhP 1,155.00
  • A Dish Sterilizer valued at PhP 5, 265.00
  • A Spin dryer valued at PhP 2, 950.00

This Bundle will normally set you back PhP 14, 950.00, but under the Bundle Blast Promotion, you need only fork out PhP 14, 200.00

The MC Home Hanabishi Bundle Blast Promotion will, again, run ONLY from June 15 to September 30, 2019, and is covered by DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10889 Series of 2019.

So hurry on over to ANY MC Home Depot Outlet – Ortigas, Pampanga or the Fort – and visit our Hanabishi stores in the tenant areas, or chat with us on  to avail of this promotion!

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