In 1973, IMARFLEX Japan was established to provide quality home appliances to the Philippine market. Harping heavily on research, IMARFLEX became one of the leading appliance brands in the 1980’s.  Today, IMARFLEX has the widest & most extensive product lines in the Home Appliance industry. IMARFLEX strives to meet the modern consumer’s needs & expectations while upholding its commitment to service – living up to its slogan “We do it First!  We do it Best!

From research and development to manufacturing, from distribution to customer service, IMARFLEX ensures that all its products meet the modern consumer’s needs and expectations while upholding their commitment to service. Having expanded into water heaters, professional vacuum cleaners, air-circulators, air purifiers, and induction cookers, IMARFLEX today has the widest and most extensive product range in the Home Appliance industry.

Imarflex Office Aircons

Imarflex Office Air-Conditioners

In August 2003, IMARFLEX further diversified by entering the air-conditioning industry. Today IMARFLEX carries all types of cooling systems including   inverter-type air conditioners & evaporators for homes, offices & commercial applications.

IMARFLEX guarantees their air-conditioners to be energy efficient: Their Taiwan made conventional & split-type air-conditioners require up to 30% less electricity to operate, while; their Inverter Air-Conditioners use up to 50% less electricity, &; their T-Series Inverter air-conditioner saves as much as 70% on electricity costs.

IMARFLEX is also the ONLY Air Conditioner Brand in the market to offer ocular inspections to determine your actual air-conditioning needs prior to providing a solution, quotation & the installation of your air-conditioner. They also offer a very generous warranty program & offers customers troubleshooting/repair & regular cleaning services for purchased IMARFLEX air-conditioners.

Imarflex Air-Conditioners for Coffee Shops and Restaurants

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