MC Home Depot Build & Drive 6 Grand Prize Winner

Architect Angel Bituin – or his wife – apparently has the power to channel the universe. When we called Architect Angel Bituin on the phone immediately after drawing his winning entry in front of a live audience, he thought we were pranking him because he’s never won anything this big.

The Architect is a fiercely loyal customer of MC Home Depot actually still has several unfilled ticket booklets from his store purchases at home that he never filled up. Towards the end of the raffle, he took the time to finally  fill up and pass a few tickets at MC Home Depot’s Ortigas branch. One of those tickets eventually found its way into the hands of MC Home Depot President Lawrence Chung.

The magical part is; he was already on the verge of buying a new truck because his dear wife was complaining about the wear and tear that Architect Bituin was wreaking onto the interior of their sedan thanks to all the construction supplies that he needed for work. Because of this, MC Home Depot’s phone call caught him as an unexpected, but much needed blessing.

He looks forward to once again channeling the universe into letting him win MC Home Depot’s Build & Drive 7 this year.MC Home Depot Build & Drive 6 Grand Prize Winner

MC Home Depot Build & Drive 6 Grand Prize Winner

MC Home Depot’s Build and Drive 6 Promotion was made possible by Toyota Shaw and Landlite Lighting Solutions