The Grand Raffle Draw for MC Home Depot’s Build & Drive 7 promotion was held in the Events Center of MC Home Depot Fort BGC on January 10, 2017. This is MC Home Depot’s 7th Build and Drive Promotion. Sponsored by Landlite Philippines Corporation, Toyota Motors Taguig, and the various tenants of MC Home Depot, the annual store raffle promotion is MC Home Depot’s way of giving back to its loyal customers and MC Home Depot’s way of including its tenant stores in saying thank you to them. As this is the 7th iteration of MC Home Depot’s Annual promotion,  the company decided to give away not one, but three, Toyota RUSH MPVs.

This year’s winners are:

  • Elvis Jimenez from Pasig City
  • Ramon Acero from Cavite
  • Estrelita Mallari from Pampanga.

This was also MC Home Depot’s opportunity to say thank you and mingle with the various tenants and suppliers who have been with MC Home Depot since September of 1995 – when MC Home Depot became the first Home Depot concept store in the country. MC Home Depot President Lawrence Chung proudly shared the achievement of the Build & Drive 7 Promotion, and introduced the tenants to MC Home Depot’s plans for the future – which included the opening of MC Home Depot Lancaster Cavite in November, and the opening of three MY MC Home stores throughout the metro.

Present at the MC HOme Depot Build & Drive 7 Promotion were:

Mr. Alen Alban and Ms. Jora Ong from Lixil Corporation flank MC Home Depot President Lawrence Chung.

Mr. Alvin Castillo and Ms. Ava Veneranda-Eduarte of Jeron Trading are joined by MC Home Depot’s Purchasing Staff Member Gian Berdejo

HCG’s Mr. David Chang and Mr. Erwin Saguinsin join MCHD President Lawrence Chung.

Mr. Elvic Alviles & Mr. Erwin Zonio of Davis Paints are joined by MC Home Depot VP for Operations Ms. Rhose Yambot, Marketing/Leasing staff member Siony Antolin, and; MC Home Depot President Mr. Lawrence Chung.

Mr. Emmerson Reyes from Philips; Mr. Julian Miguel Herbulario & Mr. Jonathan Doctolero from Pioneer, and; Ms. Ava Veneranda Eduarte & Mr. Alvin Castillo from Jeron Trading.

Mr. Gary Nieva & Mr. Relly Moran from CMA Commercial Trading are joined by MC Home Depot Staff member Gian Berdejo.

MC Home Depot’s Marketing/Leasing Manager Ms. Camile Oliva is joined by Mr. Genesis Kelly S. Lontoc from La Europa Ceramica.

Mr. Jay Espinosa of AllGemeine Bau-Chemie (ABC) Phil., Inc.; Mr. Raymond Antonio and Mr. Carlo Mayuga from Puyat Flooring Products Inc.

Mr. Leonel Lee & Ms. Girlie Lee of Tamson Enterprises, are joined MC Home Depot Purchasing Manager Ms. Christine Tan .

Mr. Mark Olmedo of Betonit Products Philippines, is joined by Mr. Teng Acosta & Ms. Jennifer Nacion from Solidtone Enterprises, and MC Home Depot Purchasing Manager Ms.Christine Tan..

Mr. Redentor Ramirez, Mr. Christopher Reolope, Mr. Renato Magote & Ms. Ynalyn Gonzales from Firefly Electric & Lighting Corporation

Mr. Rexel, Mr. Kirby Dy & Mr. Christian Dy from NKD International Trading Corp.

Mr. Ronal Diaz & Mr. Boyet BAjado of Delta Wood are joined by MC Home Depot Marketing/Leasing Manager Ms.Marilou Malabanan

Ms. Cynthia Pineda & Mr. Paul Co of Light Options Inc flank MC Home Depot President Mr.Lawrence Chung.

Ms. Imelda Chan & Ivy Sapasap of Metal-Lite Illuminazione Marketing join MC Home Depot Marketing/Leasing Manager Ms. Marilou Malabanan

Ms. Marlene Ong, Bianca Ong of Arrow Home Improvement are joined by Ms. Ritchie Pio Roda of Bestank

Ms. Merly Arevalo & Mr. Sonny Gonzales of Muebles de Paris are flanked by MC Home Depot VP for Operations Ms. Rhose Yambot and Marketing/Leasing Manager Ms. Malou Malabanan.

Ms. Rhose Igmilan from the DTI is joined by Ms. Ghe Quizon, Gemma Atayde and Mr. Arvin Lim from Chase Advertising