Brills Marketing Corporation (BMC) was founded in 1998 by a group of friends led by Mr. Alberto Po in a small shop on Ipo St. in La Loma Quezon City.  Initially, BMC distributed a line of Instant Electric Water Heaters from CHAMPS. It was this water-heater that revolutionized the way Filipinos bathed by helping them shift from the traditional heating of water in a kettle, to a more modern and sophisticated means of heating water.

Brills Marketing Corporation

Shower in style with the Brand Everyone Trusts

BMC credits the success of CHAMPS to the quality, technology, stylish designs and affordable pricing of the Instant Electric Water Heaters. CHAMPS was so successful that in June of 1999, BMC was able to create a retail division that ventured into broad-based consumer sales. This division targeted major retailers (Malls, Hardware Stores) to serve as consignment-based distribution points for CHAMPS.

By 2003, BMC started to establish stand-alone showrooms under an affiliate company: H20 Concepts and Designs, Inc. BMC started distributing CHAMPS bath tubs, shower enclosures and steam-baths.  BMC also established a Project Sales Division to focus on Commercial and Institutional clients such as Hotels and Upscale Housing Projects.

Today, having successfully established its own distribution channels, BMC is proud to be a major and almost dominant player in the market. The company continues espouses a belief in change as the most critical challenge in the industry. Which is why BMC believes heavily in innovation – and has committed itself to constantly improving the quality of its systems, products and services. BMC also knows the value of customer care. Their employees are guided by a 24-hour resolution policy as their goal is to provide the best maintenance and repair service possible. BMC also provides a Technical Consultation and Preventive Maintenance Service designed to help customers ensure that their investments are kept in top condition.

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Brills Marketing Corporation