MC Home Depot’s 24th Anniversary is being celebrated from October 16 to 23, 2019!  It’s been 24 years since MC Home Depot opened its doors and became the country;s pioneer Home Depot Concept store, that  been at the forefront of many innovations and firsts. Today it is THE “ONE-STOP SHOP” for high quality homebuilding and construction materials, home furnishings and related services.

Customer Service Innovations

MC Home Depot

MC Home Depot, San Fernando Pampanga

Relationship service is the main product of MC Home Depot; therefore, these service departments were launched to fulfill this promise: The Institutional Service Providers (ISP), and the Customer Relations Officers (CRO). Both departments were built to service customers with long project bills of material – providing them with the best possible supplies and alternatives for their building needs.

MC Home Depot’s ISP unit was built to deal with corporate concerns – these are companies with large scale demands for material for construction, building maintenance or upkeep. These companies need the best material, at the best possible price, with a logistics timeline that has become a daily balancing act.

Meanwhile, MC Home Depot’s CRO unit works to provide the needs for multi-scale contractors, homebuilders and every-day customers who walk in wondering how to best build the biggest investment in their lives.

Both types of customers have different needs and demands and both are important to MC Home Depot. Because of this, MC Home Depot’s ISP and CRO units have grown through the years to become more than just a sales arm. Both units work to become partners with their respective customers. In this light, both units offer supplier presentations so that their customers can best understand how to both properly use the suppliers’ products, and; maximize their use and/or effectivity. Another service they offer is technical support. MC Home Depot works hand in hand with suppliers to visit the sites and needs of their customers and make recommendations given the customers’ needs. This service has proven invaluable in helping customers who are maintaining buildings – letting them know in advance when to say, replace a light bulb; when to order paint for a fresh new building coat, or even suggesting the replacement of air conditioners in order to generate huge savings in electricity costs. This service has also helped customers who are still in the building process: With the help of its suppliers, MC Home Depot is able to suggest if the plumbing pipes chosen for a certain project are inadequate, or;  show through lumens and math how much lighting an interior or exterior should comfortably have, and even; what paint is best for your roof.

MC Home Depot

The MC Home Depot Privilege can also be used at MY MC Home

MC Home Card Membership

MC Home Depot was also the first to offer is customers a free membership card. There are two types of cards available for two different customer types.  The first is a Privilege Card that grants MC Home Depot customers a point for every PhP 100 spent in MC Home Depot. Once a customer has accumulated 500 points, they can opt to redeem their points for a PhP 500 MC Home Depot Gift Card.

The MC Home Depot Professional Card is available for Architects, Building Administrators, Contractors, Interior Designers, and even Real Estate Agents – any professional who works in the construction, building and real estate industries. Rather than points, the MC Home Depot Professional card grants the bearer a 3% rebate that they can claim at a later date.

Both cards also grant the bearers exclusive access to sales and promotions.

MC Home Depot’s 24th Anniversary SALE!

MC Home Depot’s 24th Anniversary is being celebrated via Anniv  Expo – a celebration of what the company has become. From October 16 to 23, 2019, an anniversary sale is in effect in ALL MC Home Depot outlets! On the 16th, MC Home Depot Fort Bonifacio Global Center will also host several scrumptious food stalls, AND; host a special concert to be held at the Main Entrance of MC Home Depot BGC featuring Ms. Aia De Leon and Ms. Karel Marquez. This is a free chill evening open to the public. The celebration begins at 6pm. On the 18th of this month, MC Home Depot San Fernando Pampanga will be home to a Motorcycle show and food-fair, as part of this month’s festivities.

MC Home Depot

MC Home Depot Build & Drive 8

MC Home Depot

MC Home Build & Drive 2018 Raffle Draw Tickets.

The MC Home Depot Build & Drive Raffle gives shoppers the chance to take hope a 2019 Toyota HIACE GL Grandia! This is MC Home’s 8th Build & Drive Promotion co-presented by MARIWASA, MY MC Home and Toyota Shaw along with various suppliers and tenants of MC Home Depot. MC Home Depot Build & Drive Raffle 8 is the company’s way of giving back to its loyal customers. Every PhP 2,000.00 single or accumulated receipt from any of MC Home Depot Branch or  MY MC Home  branch  – entitles the customer to one (1) raffle coupon for the MC Home Depot Build & Drive 8 Raffle Promotion.

The MC Home Depot Build & Drive Raffle is co-presented by MARIWASA, Toyota SHAW, & MY MC Home. And is sponsored by ABC Innovative Building Materials; 3M; FIREFLY LEDs; LANDLITE, LOTUS Tools; Selleys Adhesives & Sealants, and; with the support of Bostik Smart Adhesives; Davies Paints; HCG; SENTRY Locks and Hand Tools; Pioneer Adhesives, and; American Standard.

Inspirational furniture store opens in BGC, Taguig

MY MC Home’s main branch opens.

MC Home Depot

MY MC Home Fort Bonifacio

MC Home Depot now has a sister company, MY MC Home. Where  MC Home Depot focused on becoming the “One-Stop-Shop “ for high-quality homebuilding and construction materials, MY MC Home focuses on providing inspirational and aspirational personalized touches for their customer’s homes by providing quality furniture and home accessories from Filipino and International suppliers.

MY MC Home opened its first branch at the 3rd level of MET LIVE, EDSA Ext. cor Macapagal Boulevard Metro Park, Bay Area CBD on December 18, 2018. MY MC Home San Fernando Pampanga followed on the ground level of MC Home Depot San Fernando Interchange, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, San Fernando Pampanga on April 5 of this year.

MY MC Home FORT, BGC, which opened on September 17, 2019, is the now the main branch of MY MC Home and is equipped to provide customers with everything they may need for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms. They go further by providing home accents as well. You can purchase or have artwork customized at MY MC Home, and even embark on a practical new hobby: Hydroponics driven in-door gardening.

MC Home Depot

The MY MC Home Ribbon cutting was led by (L-R) MY MC Home VP for Operations Rhose Yambot; United Architects of the Philippines Fort Bonifacio-Taguig Chapter President JC Cruz Agnas; MY MC Home President Lawrence Chung, and; Philippine Institute Of Interior Designers Treasurer Mike Suqui

MY MC Home also offers a free interior design consultation service to all its customers. They encourage customers to look for and have a chat with their in-house interior designers when they visit any of the MY MC Home stores.

MY MC Home FORT, BGC is located at the ground floor of MC Home Depot FORT, BGC at 32nd Avenue and Justicia Drive, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila. They can be contacted by calling (+632) 815 4759 or by visiting them on

In behalf of MC Home Depot we would like to thank everyone who participated in MC Home Depot’s 24th Anniversary celebration.