Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This beautiful Rose Halo Decor sells for PhP 731.75

Presenting some of the Fine Bone China Home Decor that you can purchase at MY MC Home. We carry a lot of these world-class, handmade products and they serve various purposes. They can set the ambiance of a room, or serve as functional tabletop accessories, or; simply be gifts or novelty items.

A local company called CSM Philippines produces these world-class home-decors. Established in Laguna in 1994, the company  currently supplies Fine Bone China Home Decor to shops in the United States, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and India.

CSM Philippines manufactures these Home Decors from Fine Bone China. Considered the finest type of porcelain, this type of porcelain incorporates feldspar, Kaolin – a soft, white clay – and; bone ash. The company incorporates as much as 50% bone-ash into their home decors resulting in the creation of an almost translucent body. Do check out our pictures here or come to MY MC Home Depot to see for yourself that these Home Decors:

  • Have a silky, white colors versus the gray color of common porcelain;
  • Glows when lit from within thanks to the translucent qualities of the porcelain – emitting a very special mood-setting aura or night-light;

Bone China Porcelain is the strongest of Chinese Porcelains. These Home Decors are stronger than most Porcelains and are known for their chip-resistance. Historically, this type of porcelain is expensive thanks to the complex production process that requires a team of skilled artisans.

CSM Philippines is happy that their home decors have been featured in countless prestigious home accent/decor publications across the globe and; have been acknowledged for their high-quality the exquisite artistic flair in their designs.

And you can indeed light them up. Here’s a Fine China Ceramic Hedgehog lit up from the inside. Sadly the picture does not do it justice, but you can tell that they make fine mood or night-lights that are perfect for any room.

Fine Bone China Home Decor

This LED lit Hedgehog is available for PhP 921.75

Here are some of the other Fine Bone China Home Decor you can purchase in MY MC Home:

Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This little acorn eating Squirrel is available for PhP 1,433.50

Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This left boot is for sale for PhP 575.75

Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This simple multi-purpose vase is available for PhP 346.75

Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This little fish can swim into your home for PhP 451.75

Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This male Dove with a fanning tail is available for PhP 463.50

Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home

This Fine Bone China Decoration is called “Twig Hurricane” and is available for PhP 1,488.50    

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Fine Bone China Home Decor at MY MC Home