Tabletop Hydroponics at MY MC Home

Fresh Herbs straight from the kitchen counter.

Presenting a Tabletop Hydroponics garden from CRS Hydroponics, available at MY MC Home.  Hydroponic Gardening technology has so evolved that your indoor garden need no longer occupy an entire corner or wall. CRS Hydroponics offers these tabletop versions that you can place in practically any room of your home.

This particular model is called the AeroGarden Sprout. CRS Hydroponics claims that it:

  • A Smart Tabletop garden that allows herbs and other plants to grow 5 times faster than if they were planted in soil – no soil, no mess.
  • Grows herbs in water.
  • Grows anything including fresh herbs, salad greens, vegetable, flowers and more.
  • Is comprised of a slim, elegant design that is perfect for tabletops and desks. The AeroGarden Sprout uses a 10w LED light that costs practically nothing to operate daily, provides ambient room light and helps increase your garden’s yield.
  • Comes with an easy to use control panel that provides automatic lighting and reminds you when to add plant food.
  • Provides for plant growth of up to 10″ thanks to the adjust-ability of the lamp.
  • Has room for three plants.

Here are the dimensions of the AeroGarden Sprout from CRS Hydroponics’ website.

Included with your purchase would be :

  • The LED Hood and Base of the AeroGarden Sprout
  • Bowl and Grow Deck
  • Seed Pot Kit: Gourmet Herbs
  • Transformer
  • Seed Pod Kit Instructions/Guide

The AeroGarden Sprout is available at MY MC Home in MET LIFE Mall, Pasay, and in MC Home Depot, San Fernando Pampanga; for PhP 9,485. A small price to pay for a continuous supply of natural herbs produced in an easy, economic and stylish fashion.

Also Included in our photo of the AeroGarden Sprout are the following:

Mahogany Coasters at MY MC Home

Thematic Mahogany Coasters available for PhP 70. 00 each

Tefal Electric Kettle at MY MC Home

Tefal Electric Kettle available for PhP 3,295

MY MC Home also offers a more colorful kiddie hydroponics garden:

While “Herbie” was meant for children, we should note that it is also a garden for those who prefer a little more color in their lives:

Tabletop Hydroponics at MY MC Home

The Herbie Hydroponics Set is available at MY MC Home for PhP 5,595

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