The New Year is here and the fireworks are already starting to come out! As we welcome 2018, MC Home Depot would like to suggest a few safety tips to make the holiday festivities a safe and memorable one.


  1. Leave it to the professionals: It is cheaper, far safer and much much more fun to watch your community’s local fireworks show instead of putting on one yourself. But if you can’t resist the urge to set the sky ablaze:
    • ALWAYS: Point fireworks away from homes, or anything flammable.
    • Make sure that your fireworks are securely anchored in place. Most commercial fireworks nowadays are powerful enough to tip themselves over. A stack of heavy sandbags should do the trick of making sure your aerial mortar doesn’t become a deadly projectile launcher.
    • Never light fireworks indoors. Even something as harmless as a sparkler or small poppers can leave smoldering residue that may start a fire. The residue of these fireworks may also be toxic when ingested by small children or pets.
  2. Do not wear loose clothing: As with cooking, you don’t want your clothing to catch fire. Light the fireworks, don’t become one.
  3. Closely supervise children. Children have shorter arms with less fine motor control – and judgement – than you may think. So if you want them to get into the spirit of things with sparklers, always do so with them under strict supervision.
  4. Stand several feet away from it fireworks. There is a myth that it’s lucky to get singed a little during the New Year. It’s not true. Remember you’re not just exposing yourself to minor (Or major) burns, you’re also exposing your lungs to chemical fumes that may cause all sorts of pulmonary diseases
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5. Be prepared for the worst. It always pays to be prepared:

  • Bring water – lots of it. Have several buckets ready just in case or the handy garden hose. Hosing down used fireworks instead of leaving them to smolder til the morning is a good idea. BETTER STILL, HAVE A FIRE EXTINGUISHER (CLICK HERE) at the ready.
  • Have a first aid kit ready.
    • Light burns should be submerged in cool water – don’t apply ice – for at least five minutes.
    • After five minutes apply a sterile bandage.
    • Anything more than a light burn should immediately be brought to an emergency room.
  • Know where to go if something happen and how to get there.