Once the basic shell of your home is built out of steel and stone, you’ll need to start building the interior. Most people opt to use wood, cement, plastic or gypsum boards to build dry-walls and ceilings. All four require either fossil fuels or the death of trees to make. To make things worse, over time, these materials are prone to deterioration. Some of them may actually even release toxic chemicals as they age – or start to warp because of the steady presence of moisture – becoming growth spots for life threatening mold. To top it all off, even if the use of these materials promises to protect or retard the spread of fire, they will eventually burn.

MC Home Depot actually has a reasonable alternative in stock. MC Home Depot exclusively carries PalmEco Boards. Created by PalmEco Philippines – a 15 year old Filipino company bent on transforming the Philippine Property Industry intPrivate Residence made out of PalmEco Boardso a Green one through the use of environmentally friendly materials, thereby ensuring that Flipinos for generations to come work and live in healthy, efficient and sustainable environment.

PalmEco Boards may be a tad bit more expensive than the four common materials used for ceilings and dry-walls, BUT:

  • PalmEco Board are Eco-friendly: – they require less than half the energy to produce. PalmEco’s smaller carbon footprint can be attributed to the fact that no trees were cut in the making of these boards – only the bio-degradable waste of Palm Fibers. All PalmEco boards are completely recyclable.
  • PalmEco Boards are Water Resistant – The boards are extremely resistant to decay and bio-contamination. They can be used as flooring for bathrooms without swelling, bulging or cracking. PalmEco boards were designed for the Tropics and can withstand both hot and dry spells.
  • PalmEco Boards are non-Toxic – They have no traces of Asbestos, Formaldehyde, or Silica Dust. Nothing that will leak or be toxic to people over time. No special care or instructions are required to dispose of a PalmEco Board.
  • PalmEco Boards are Easy to install – No special hardware is needed to install these boards and you can use them for a variety of functions:
    • Ceilings
    • Walls
    • Flooring
    • Office Space Built with PalmEcoBoardsRoofing Substrate
    • Cabinets.
  • PalmEco Boards are Pest and Termite Proof – Palm Fibre is not a staple food of pests such as termites. So you need not worry that your investment will be eaten away.
  • PalmEco Boards are Fire Resistant – The boards are made from a proprietary, patented mix of Magnesium Oxide, Magnesium Chloride and natural mineral components such as palm fibre, all sandwiched within a fiberglass mesh. They will not generate any dangerous odors or fumes and is rated to withstand temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees for up to 120  minutes.
  • PalmEco Boards dampen noise – The boards can reduce an average of 25Db of sound via absorption and dispersion – making them perfect for BPOs, conference rooms and room partitions.

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