It’s nice to come home to a house that’s comfortable, tidy, and safe, and making it so is a great responsibility. As a responsible homeowner, we also want to ensure that our investment is protected. Pioneer Elastoseal can help ensure all of this.

For us to do that, we need to be able to do periodic maintenance for our homes. During this rainy season, the parts of the house that need focus on are those where cracks and gaps can appear. We have to check our roof, gutter, flashings, downspouts, drainpipes and PVC pipes because these are where water can seep through and leak.

The good news!

Pioneer ElastoSeal

The good news is you can stop leaks yourself. There’s no necessary experience needed and most leaks take only minutes to repair. With Pioneer ElastoSeal, a high grade roof sealant which cures to form a seal, repairing your roof leaks is as easy as 1-2-3.

First, make sure that the application surface is clean and free of oil, grease, and loose particles. Second, roughen the surface to ensure good adhesion. Then, apply a uniform bead into the gaps or holes to fill completely.

The seal that forms is tough, full-bodied, elastic, and weather-proof.  You’re sure that the seal will last because Pioneer ElastoSeal can endure weather and temperature changes, as well as being highly-resistant to UV rays.  It has higher solid content and better quality rubber, which is why it can last much longer versus other roof sealants. Not only that, it even

Pioneer ElastoSeal is available at any MC Home Depot Branch

works on wet surfaces so you can do your maintenance as soon as you discover there’s a leak in your roof, so there’s no more damage done to the other parts of your home.

Pioneer ElastoSeal: Tagal-Tibay

Pioneer ElastoSeal Pioneer ElastoSeal is available at any MC Home Depot Branch

A smart DIY homeowner knows, hindi sulit ang paulit-ulit that is why he chooses the right product that can save money. With Pioneer ElastoSeal, you save on both time and cost for maintenance and repair, dahil ito ay siguradong TAGAL-TIBAY!

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