Before you go off on that much needed physical, emotional and spiritual retreat out of town, do following safety tips:

It’s a bright idea to unplug.

a) Unplug everything: If you’re going out of town for the next three or four days, make sure that everything you have plugged at home is unplugged. Then shut down your breaker. You might be wondering if that’s a redundancy, it is, but you also don’t want your electronic devices to received a shocking charge when you turn the breaker back on when you get back.

b) Don’t make yourself a target: If you’re travelling via public transport, letting people know that you’re loaded by flashing your wealth via really nice clothes; multiple gadgets being used at the same time, and; enough jewelry to make you stand out and shine, is not the smartest thing to do. There will always be people out there who, given the right motivation, may take advantage of you; steal from you, or worse; hurt you. It’s Lent anyway, you’re supposed to be taking a spiritual retreat – which means you leave behind all this worldly stuff

Also, stay with the herd. Don’t withdraw money from some dark, shady looking ATM. Don’t go down some dark alley just because someone says there’s a great reward at the other end. Keep your eyes on your surroundings and not on your Mobile Legends game.

c) Don’t telegraph where you are. There was a time when putting your address on social media pages was a thing – that turned out to be a big mistake for everyone and we’re learned our lesson since then. However it is sometimes still possible to figure out where people live (especially if you publish a lot of selfies – which also tells the general public what you have in your house) . So if you want to share your vacation pics, it might be a great idea to do it after Lent when you’re home and able to defend it from opportunistic cyber stalkers.

Here’s one last tip:

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