Did you know that MC Home lets you shop from the safety and convenience of your home? MC Home Depot was the first to offer on-line purchases through its website, www.MCHomeDepot.com, and; through the Facebook sites: www.Facebook.com/MCHomeDepotinc and www.Facebook.com/MYMCHome. To shop online Simply browse through our website for what you need, register, and commit to making a purchase, or; chat with us on our Facebook pages between 10am and 8:00pm, Mondays to Saturday. This has been a service that we’ve offered since July of 2010, and both the market and technology have grown to benefit shoppers since then.


Shop online and gain three distinct advantages that MC Home offers:

  • YOU CAN MAKE MORE INFORMED CHOICES: Oftentimes when physically shopping, there is a tendency to gloss over or even miss products that are better suited for your needs, or; currently come with a price advantage such as a sale. By chatting with us, you have the time to ask for other options, or inquire about sales and promotional offers. This could lead to great savings for you or the company that you are shopping for. This is also particularly important when shopping for furniture. Did you know that MY MC Home has in-house interior designers that can help both design and furnish your homes?
  • YOU CAN FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR FASTER: Any Home Depot worth its salt would be huge. Well MC Home Depot is huge. You can opt to enjoy the brisk exercise of walking through our voluminous halls and asking for directions, or simply sit back and listen to our e-commerce agent tap gently on her keyboard. With a few strokes she can check both availability and options. Soon we envision that this inventory will also include the inventory of our tenants, further providing you customers with more options and and even larger selection of products.
  • YOU ELIMINATE THE HASSLE AND COST OF TRAFFIC. With the current NCOV-19 Pandemic scare (See what you can do about it here), keeping safe by avoiding crowds comes highly recommended. And of course there is Manila traffic. Shop Online and eliminate ALL that by having us deliver what you need to you – effort free. MC Home accepts Credit Card payments, Bank Transfers and payments at any of our branches.


Shop online from the safety of your home

MC Home offers a variety of delivery services

  • Did you know that you can make purchases at MC Home Depot or MY MC Home via Lalamoves? Yes, the app allows you to ask the Driver to buy an item for you and deliver it straight to your door. No fuss, no muss, no credit cards, you pay the Lalamoves driver for his the delivery, his purchase effort and the item you needed.
  • You can also ask MC Home to do the same and have the item delivered to you – as long as it fits the parameters of Lalamoves and the safety of their drivers are not compromised.

Chat with us today on www.Facebook.com/MCHomeDepotinc, look for Vanessa.