In today’s fast paced world more and more activities have to be done at greater speeds. it is important to have both the people and the equipment that can expedite the completion of a job. To conveniently carry stocks or materials from one place to another, a good cart  – or truck – is a must have for any job site. A huge amount of time and effort may be wasted if one settles for anything less. Stanley is a brand that continuously caters to the market’s demand for quality products. It continuously sets the industry standard in a number of tool categories – including the Hand Trucks category.

Stanley offers a wide array moving solutions including hand trucks and platform carts that efficiently carry materials through tough job sites. Engineered using quality materials, Stanley trucks are lifetime investments that are built to last, and come with a five-year limited warranty. They are built for dependability – to be fast, convenient, secure and perform even on rugged terrain.

The Stanley Hand Truck


Stanley Steel Hand Truck available at MC Home Depot for PhP 3,599.75

One of the most trusted Stanley products is the Steel Hand Truck. These Hand Trucks are built to be strong and consistently durable. They come with high grip plastic handles which are ergonomically designed to provide utmost flexibility and comfort, and; a pair of big 26′ pneumatic wheels that allow for fast and easy maneuverability. Each Steel Hand Truck is built to carry a maximum load of 250kg.


Stanley Steel Platform Truck available at MC Home Depot for PhP 6,699.75

The Stanley Steel Platform Truck

But the best solution to transport  heavy size loads across flat surfaces, is the Stanley Steel Platform Truck. The Steel Platform Truck combines durability and dependability with the ability to fold and open in seconds – which also allows for compact and easy storage. The robustness of its handle and four ball-bearing wheels allow for  safer directional control and more secure material handling on both smooth and rocky surfaces.

In summary, Stanley Trucks can be characterized as moving solutions that deliver maximum performance, provide a diversity of functionality, and help boost productivity at the workplace. Get yours now at any MC Home Depot outlet or visit www.cbkhardwarecom for more information.

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