Tabrete is a Kapampangan (From Pampanga, a province of the Philippines) word for Stool or Chair. It is the name chosen by company founder Arturo John B Rivera III  who, in February of 2003, decided to transform his small business – that was supplying local business in Pampanga with chairs – into one of the country’s premiere custom furniture stores.

A returning seaman, Mr. Rivera noted the high level of unemployment in his province due to the departure of the Americans from their bases, and saw that an an opportunity to create his own company. Having raised enough capital, Mr. Rivera invested in retraining a workforce and ventured into the high-end furniture business.

Their doors first opened in Claro M. Recto Street in Angeles City, and soon after their first showroom opened in Greenhills. A few years later, Tabrete Furniture found its home in MC Home Depot Ortigas.

Tabrete Furniture MC Home Depot Ortigas Tabrete Furniture MC Home Depot Ortigas

Tabrete Furniture prides itself with being able to customize world class quality furniture according to the needs and space limitations of its customers, at a reasonable price. Tabrete Furniture is also proud of its growing, fiercely loyal and satisfied customer base that continues to interact with their after-sales support team.

Tabrete Furniture is looking forward to further expanding South into Metro Manila and would like its customers – current and future – to know that Tabrete Furniture will continue to innovate and improve upon the quality of its products – ensuring your customer satisfaction for all their furniture needs.

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Tabrete Furniture MC Home Depot Ortigas Tabrete Furniture MC Home Depot Ortigas