Last Monday we spoke about what to do when leaving home in a time of quarantine. Today we will be talking what to do when coming home. Here are three important things for you to rermember.

Noli Me Tangere.

Don’t rush to greet anyone – not even the pets that your loved ones may come into contact with later.

  • Leave your shoes OUTSIDE to be disinfected later.
  • If you went out with a pet, quickly disinfect your pet’s paws.
  • Place all items that you took with you into a box at the entrance of your home. This includes groceries, car keys, celphones, wallets, etc… Don’t immediately transfer them into your house and make sure no one touches them.
  • Immediately change all outer clothing. Place them them into laundry bags so that they can be properly washed and disinfected.

When coming home: Disinfect.

Clean everything that when out including yourself:

  • Take a long hot shower. Or if you can’t, thoroughly wash all exposed areas. This means that you have to focus your soaping around your face, neck, hands and arms. Check out our hand-washing video here and apply to all other exposed parts of your body.
  • Disinfect everything you placed in the box with soap and water or alcohol. This includes the surfaces of the groceries or supplies that you brought in.
  • You can leave your shoes outside, but it would also be best if you were to disinfect those as well.


  • Dispose of all gloves used including the disposable mask that you used properly. Consider them to be contaminants that pets and children should not be able to touch or get to.
  • Put these aside for the proper collection or disposal.

The last thing that you can do after all the cleansing, is to finally greet your loved ones. If you live alone, you’re lucky, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t catch NCOV. If you live with your family, remember that this list is not a matter of paranoia and the threat is real.