Presenting a few Colorful Art Sculptures that you can purchase for your home at MY MC Home. As we write this, typhoon Hanna continues to bathe Metro Manila with dark skies and traffic-jam causing deluges. So we thought that it would be a great time to showcase something whose sole purpose for existing is to help fill any room with a dash of bright color.

Colorful Art Sculptures Elphant

Can we address the Elephant in the room?

These fine art sculptures are from a company called Art 24 Inc. For the past ten years, a team of highly-skilled artisans have been painting these fiber-resin sculptures, for export to art galleries in Europe. Each Colorful Art Sculpture is meticulously hand-painted and sealed in a protective urethane varnish that also serves to enhance the colors. Art 24 Inc reuses the molds of each Art Sculpture, but the painting process makes each one a unique work of art.

Based in Agono, Rizal, Art 24 Inc stands by its tagline “Art meets craft“. This means that all their products must not just be beautiful and inspiring, but of to the quality standards of the international art community.

Art 24 Inc considers itself to be quite young in the industry and still believes that it has a long way to go. Because of this they constantly encourage their art staff to think out of the box and come up with better, brighter ideas for both the local and international market.

The Elephant Colorful Art Sculptures you see here is an Ollie Elephant. They offer three variants of the Ollie Elephant and a fourth Elephant called the “King Elephant.” This unique work of art is being sold at MY MC Hime for PhP 3,620.00.

Other Colorful Art Sculptures available at MY MC Home:

There are two Horse variant available. This particular Horse is the Felipe Horse. The other variant is a Greek Horse. The Felipe Horse is available at MY MC Home for PhP`2,375.00

Colorful Art Sculptures Horse

Felipe the Horse

There is only one variant of Duke the Bull and he sells at MY MC Home for PhP 2,375.

Colorful Art Sculptures Bull

Duke the Bull

Art 24 Inc carries four items under their “Cat” line. This is Grace Cat. The other Cats available are Feline Cat Strech; Grace Cat Biking, and; Yoga Human Cat. The Grace Cat Art Sculpture retails for PhP 2, 450.

Colorful Art Sculptures Cat

Meow! I’m Grace Cat!

Next up is the Fat Lady Dancer.  Art 24 Inc has close to 35 items under its “Lady” category and this is one of them. This beautiful Fat Lady Dancer retails at MY MC Home for PhP 3,130.50.

Colorful Art Sculptures Dancer

Grace and Form as one

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    Colorful Art Sculptures Cat and Dog

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