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About Brills Marketing Corporation

Brills Marketing Corporation (BMC) was founded in 1998 by a group of friends led by Mr. Alberto Po in a small shop on Ipo St. in La Loma Quezon City.  Initially, BMC distributed a line of Instant Electric Water Heaters from CHAMPS. It was this water-heater that revolutionized the way Filipinos bathed by helping them shift from the traditional heating of water in a kettle, to a more modern and sophisticated means of heating water.

Today, having successfully established its own distribution channels, BMC is proud to be a major and almost dominant player in the market. The company continues espouses a belief in change as the most critical challenge in the industry. Which is why BMC believes heavily in innovation – and has committed itself to constantly improving the quality of its systems, products and services. BMC also knows the value of customer care. Their employees are guided by a 24-hour resolution policy as their goal is to provide the best maintenance and repair service possible. BMC also provides a Technical Consultation and Preventive Maintenance Service designed to help customers ensure that their investments are kept in top condition.

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