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  • MC Home Depot The Fort: Unit CSA- 253

About Elio Philippines (ELBA)

ELBA means made in Italy. The Italian heritage is evident in every product, every feature and every detail. Our products have the precious value of a long tradition of design and manufacturing excellence which are peculiar and proper of our territory. A true Italian style culinary experience means simplicity of ingredients, passion for creativity, taste for quality with no compromise. The same simplicity and passion inspire our cooking appliances.

ELBA products constantly communicate the dedication to innovation. We aim to offer products that enhance the beauty of homes and lives, because your kitchen is a unique space and deserves the excellence of real benefits.

ELBA specializes in Residential Kitchen Appliances and carry the following products/brands:

  • Gas and Electric Ranges
  • Built in Cooktops and Ovens
  • Rangehoods,
  • Dishwashers
  • Wine Chillers

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