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  • MC Home Depot Ortigas: Unit A-30A Architect Avenue

About IGROS Marketing Corporation

IGROS Marketing Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on August 25, 1993 as a construction and building insulation supplier. From the date of our establishment to the present time, we continue to deliver high quality construction material and insulation, and provide outstanding installation services.

We specialize in:

    • IMC Acoustic Ceiling Boards
    • IMC CASI/Cement Boards
    • IMC Senepa Boards
    • IMC Phenolic Boards
    • IMC PVC Laminated Gypsum Boards
    • IMC Gypsum Boards
    • IMC Lightweight Gypsum Putty
    • IMC Access Panels
    • IMC Ceiling grid T-Runners
    • IMC Light Metal Frames
    • IMC Gypsum Powder
    • IMC Corner Flex Tape
    • IMC Fiver Screws
    • IMC Gypsum Screws.
    • Thermashield Polyolefin Insulation
    • Thermashield Polyolefin Pipe Insulation
    • IMC Copper Tubes
    • Fiber Glass (Blanket type)
    • Fiver Glass (Board type)
    • Rigid Pipe Insulation
    • Ceiling Board Fashiontone
    • Wright Aluminum Duct Tape
    • Supaflex Closed Cell Rubber Insulation
    • Supaflex Rubber Sheets
    • Supaflex Flexible Duct
    • IMC 4-way ceiling diffuser
    • Rockwool (Blanket Type)
    • Rockwool (Board Type
    • Polyethylene Foam Insulation
    • IMC Bubble Insulation