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  • MC Home Depot The Fort: Units CS 156, 157
  • MC Home Depot Ortigas: Units A-03, 04

About Metal-lite Illuminazione

Metal-lite Illuminazione is THE Home of High Quality lighting fixtures and furniture. Actively operating for over 20 years, Metal Lite is known for continuously providing the best product since it was established last 1995. Metal Lite offers a wide variety of lighting products and high quality furniture with good quality and artistic design imported from different parts of the world – mainly from Asian and European countries. Metal-Lite is YOUR PARTNER FOR LIGHT.
They specialize in the following products/brands:
  • OSRAM Lights
  • ORBIK Lights
  • Dunlopillo Mattress
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Water Heaters

You can learn more about Metal-lite Illuminazione in this video on our Facebook page: