Electricals refers to every and any equipment or machines powered by electricity. This includes everything from lighting; appliances; the computer or celphone that you are reading this on, and the distribution grid that powers it. It’s a simple word that covers a very broad amount of topics and items that has revolutionized the world since man harnessed Electricity.

What is Electricity?

All About Electricals

From simple sparks to lighting cities

In simple terms Electricity is the literal flow of electrons. The actual etymology of the word is uncertain, the closest is from the Greek “Elektron” which means Amber. Electricity was known and used by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs but from natural sources such as from Electric Eels and rubbing amber. They used it primarily as a healing agent thanks to the numbing effect of the shocks.

All About Electricals

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Electricity remained nothing more than a novelty until Benjamin Franklin flew his kite in 1752 and basically electrocuted himself just to prove that lighting and static electricity were one and the same. But following this great discovery, it would take another 80 years before someone figured out how to harness it. In 1831, Michael Faraday discovered that an electric current could me made by passing a magnet through a series of copper wires. This principle of Electromagnetism is still in practice today and is how generators produce electricity. Almost 50 years later – 127 years after Benjamin Franklin did what people tell you never to try today – Thomas Edison created the Electric Light bulb.

And the world has never looked back.

What are Electricals?

As mentioned, Electricals are any device or machine that runs on Electricity. The include Lighting, Appliances, IT Equipment and Motors. Electrical Equipment, refers to any item that is a part of an electrical circuit – small or global scale. Electrical Equipment includes wire, switches, meters, circuit breakers, the distribution grid, etc..

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