Hi! Welcome back to Ask Angelo this week featuring how to paint on cement! The summer heat continues to rage through the Philippines giving us the perfect weather to do all those little home repairs that you can do yourself, such as applying paint to a Cement Wall.

Ask Angelo: How to Paint Cement

Davies Sun & Rain Elastomeric Paint

Davies Megacryl Concrete Primer & Sealer.

Davies Megarcryl Concrete Primer & Sealer

How to Paint Cement? You will need the following:

  • Gloves
  • A dust and fume rated mask
  • Steel Brush
  • Clean rags
  • Roller or Paint Brush
  • Davies Megacryl Concrete Primer & Sealer.
  • Davies Megacryl Latex Paint or Davies Sun & Rain Elastomeric Paint


  • Always work in well ventilated areas. If you are working indoors, provide fans to ventilate the area.
  • Wear gloves and a fume rated mask at all times.

How to Paint A Cement Wall – What you have to do:

  • Before painting, clear the area around the wall.
    • Remove items that you won’t paint. if it’s a fixture securely wrap and tape it in plastic.
    • If the wall has an electrical fixture socket, light or switch turn off the electricity to that fixture and disassemble/remove it.
    • If you can’t remove it, secure it with plastic and tape.
    • Exposed wiring/electricals should also be properly wrapped and taped.
  • Clean the area thoroughly. Remove all dirt, grime, mold, vegetation that may have built up on the wall. Make sure that there is no oil or grease on the wall.Clean the wall of any loose paint with a steel brush or scraper

SIDENOTE: Technically you need to fill or remove EVERY inconsistency on a wall and fill these holes/pockmarks with filler material like the Davies Non-Drip High Performance Epoxy. However that is a topic and procedure for another time. Today we will go straight to the painting.

May mga nagsasabi na kailangan munang lasunin ang pader. The “lason” is a concrete neutralizer. These are used to remove the “acidity” of NEW concrete walls. Since this is not a new wall, we don’t need it. You also don’t need it if the concrete has been curing for more than a month.

  • Prime the cement with Davies Megacryl Concrete Primer & Sealer. Primer is a substance that helps paint bond with the Cement.
  • Once dry, apply a single coat of Davies Megacryl Latex Paint or Davies Sun & Rain Elastometic Paint. In this case we will use the Castaway blue that we mixed from our last episode.
  • Finished.

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