Area rugs come from the Scandinavian word “rugga” which meant “Shaggy tuft” . This word would, in the 15th century, evolve into the word “rug”. Now technically these rugs, by nature, are NOT tiles because they are not a form of flooring, but rather a cover over a flooring. However, they are a kind of carpet.


These Rugs have the following advantages:

Area Rugs

A more “Stimulating” Rug from Showcase Carpet that’s available at MC Home Depot.

  • They are Decorative: There’s a certain monotony to straight lines. They serve to break apart this monotony and help reflect two things: The home owner’s style, and, the purpose of the room. These rugs can speak of the taste of the owner – who may prefer his home to be orderly, and clean-cut, therefore choosing more traditional or simpler patterns with solid colors. While a more creative person may choose area rugs with patterns that are more exciting with unconventional patterns and a plethora of color. Meanwhile, as certain colors help stimulate rest and relaxation, a living room or bedroom may use area rugs that are  Blue, Violet, Pink, Green, Gray, Tan or White. While gaming rooms or offices would use Red – which stimulates brain activity (Which is why most office also use red) or Orange.
  • They are Easy to Clean: Since they don’t go wall-to-wall, and can be relatively cheap, They can be cleaned yourself or by professionals, AND/OR they are easy to replace.

In terms of disadvantages:

  • These rugs are may be safety hazards IF they are not properly secured to the floor. MC Home Depot also provides various products that may secure these rugs to the floor.
  • These rugs absorb moisture. So you might have a festering pool of mold and bacteria growing underneath the carpet if you are not careful. They have to be regularly and thoroughly cleaned or replaced.

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