As we defined a Carpet is a textile floor covering that goes wall-to-wall – versus a rug which is a textile floor covering that only covers a small area. Carpet Tiles are one of the more modern constructs that allow you to go wall-to-wall with greater ease.


Carpet tiles have a few distinct advantages over full blown carpets:

Carpet Tiles

Some of the Carpet Tiles from Showcase Carpet Available at MC Home Depot

  • Convenience: In, let’s say, a 30 sqm room, rather than have to wrestle two, three or even four wide carpets that you have to cut because they over-shoot the size of the room, you only have to deal with simple small carpet tiles. These are substantially easier to cut and lay-out. They are also, as with carpets, easy to clean as all they will require is a regular vacuum clean – and a deep professional disinfecting cleanse every now and then.
  • Durability: These tiles were originally designed for office use, not for home use. As such they are built to withstand high foot traffic.
  • Creativity: You don’t actually have to get the same tile for the entire floor. You’re free to mix and match tiles, patterns and positions. You’re limited only by time and your creativity.


  • They have edges. Unlike the straight flow of a full carpet, you are sure to see the edges of a Carpet Tiled floor – in the same way that you can see the edges of a Ceramic or Porcelain Tiled Floor (Minus the grout). This may… offend the aesthetic sensibilities of some individuals. Also, while they are definitely more durable, as these Carpet tiles age, you will start to see the edges fray and rise.

However, even if they do fray, they should still be relatively easier to replace.

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