About Us

Makes Everyone A Champion Builder


MC Home Depot is THE pioneer, the trendsetter of the Home Depot concept here in the Philippines.

MC Home Depot is a “ONE-STOP SHOP” for high quality homebuilding and construction materials, home furnishings and related services.

MC Home Depot began with Mr. Chung – who is the “MC”. He was greatly distressed by the pitfalls he encountered in the retail construction industry, specifically the lack of:

  • Transparency in pricing;
  • Knowledge and clarity about the items;
  • Warranty with regard to item quality and authenticity, and;
  • Assurance that the biggest investment of a customer’s life is made safe and built correctly.

Seeking to address these pitfalls, “MC” built MC Home Depot in 1995.
Since then MC Home Depot continues to provide:

  • Customers with a “One-Stop Shop” that they could commute or drive to. They no longer had to visit several hardware stores because MC Home Depot and it myriad of tenants had everything one could possibly need to build and furnish a home.
  • A walk-in-store design that allowed customers to make informed purchases by permitting them to take their time exploring options, reading labels and actually “touching” products.
  • High quality homebuilding and construction materials, home furnishing and a complete line of hardware items and accessories:
    • That were sold at competitive prices that gave customers the best possible value for their money.
    • With a guarantee that all products purchased in MC Home Depot were genuine and have been vetted by our experts.
  • A Customer Service crew that is well equipped to help educate customers and to provide them with valid options for their needs.
  • A series of programs that would help customers with their home improvement and maintenance needs.