Summer is officially here and it’s officially scorching here in Manila! With at least another month of furnace level heat to deal with, we’re sure a lot of you are resorting to re-activating your air-conditioners that have lain dormant over the wet and Christmas months.

Air-Conditioner Filter

Air-Conditioner Filter

Have you noticed anything different? Is this simply global warming or does it feel like your trusty cooling device is not quite up to par with dealing with the Summer heat? Is there a faint musty odor that comes from the air-conditioner when you turn it on instead of clean refreshing air? If so, then ask yourself “Well when was the last time you had it cleaned?”
Believe it or not there are two major things that you should check MONTHLY to keep your air-conditioner up to par:

  • Clean the air-filter: Most air-conditioners nowadays come with an air-filter that simply pops off when you open the front of the unit. Simply take it to a sink and wash the filter gently with a few drops of liquid soap and strong water. You can use a brush, but make sure it’s a soft one as the filter tends to be just a thin membrane.
  • Check for nests: Birds or – worse – insects such as wasps or bees – may find the more amicable temperatures of your air-conditioner conducive to building a home. You will have to evict these or live with breathing their waste.

Now this doesn’t stop there of course. There’s still a lot of filth living in your air-conditioner. It’s basically a lung that breathes in dirty, warm air, and sends out cooler, cleaner air. Over time these dust and other debris build up. The “fins” of your air-conditioner may also become misaligned by passing foreign bodies, insects, animals or general wear and tear. Because of all this, it is a necessity to have one’s air-conditioner serviced.

Now ideally you should have your air-conditioner serviced at before the start of each season, but since we’re not a four-season nation, once a year – or before the summer season when you’ll be using your air-conditioner the heaviest, should do the trick.

You could do it yourself – take your air-conditioner out of it’s mounting to your background and gently wash and scrub the interior of the air-conditioner; and straighten out all bent fins. However:

Window mounted airconditioners

Don’t risk your life to clean your air-conditioner

  • It’s an extremely physical task. Air-conditioners are NOT light. You could end up doing serious damage to the air-conditioner – or to yourself – if you are not careful. It’s an even bigger problem if you live in a condo and your air-conditioner sits on a ledge.
  • While the inside of an air-conditioner is generally wet and can take the cleaning, there are still electrical potions that you should avoid
  • Most air-conditioner companies offer maintenance services for their units – such as Imarflex. It would be best to leave the cleaning and maintenance to professionals who are better prepared to service your unit. Check your warranty cards. It also doesn’t cost that much to have your unit serviced so don’t scrimp.

But if you feel that your air-conditioner is breathing its last, bring it over to any MC Home Depot outlet for an up to 25% discount on a brand new air-conditioning unit from Imarflex who can be relied upon to take care of the future maintenance of your air-conditioner.

Trade in your old air-conditioners for a discount on a new Imarflex Air Conditioner

Trade in your old air-conditioners for a discount on a new Imarflex Air-Conditioner