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Incorporated in 1995, Robert Bosch Inc. Philippines can trace its roots back to the backyard of Robert Bosch in Stuttgart on the 15th of November 1886. Bosch produced the first low voltage magneto for gas engines which would later evolve into the first magnetos for automobiles. Bosch was one of the first companies credited with introducing the 8-hours day for workers; was incorporated in 1917 and produced its first power-drill in 1932.

6-years before Bosch was incorporated, Behn Meyer & Co. – a Hamburg born but Singapore based company – began distributing Bosch Products in the Philippines. For over 80 years – prior to its incorporation – Robert Bosch Inc. Philippines has introduced a wide variety of products across different industries throughout South East Asia. Bosch has successfully diversified into the Automotive Aftermarket, Automotive Original Equipment, Security and Safety Systems, Thermotechnology, Drive and Control Technology, Packaging Technology, Home Appliances and, of course, Power Tools .

Bosch believes that with the right power tools, DIY is twice as enjoyable. Bosch provides more options allowing customers to work productively and safely with precision and flexibility. Bosch Power Tools feature impressive quality, first-class handling, and state-of-the-art technology. Whatever you want to make, you can do it with Bosch.

Robert Bosch Inc. Philippines continues to operate on the knowledge that their business is a matter of public trust. Bosch continues to successfully position itself as a resilient leader in innovations that provides quality products and services that ultimately enhances the quality of life.

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