1. The spa-inspired bathroom – 2017 was apparently a trying year for a lot of people. A lot of stressed out people turned to the comforting feel of spas. So it’s actually no surprise that turning one’s home into a spa – particularly the bathroom – seems to be a logical progression. So expect to see a lot of Terracotta, browns, woods and natural stones.

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Light floor boards

2. Light Textured Wood – Dark browns and red colored wood, tiles, and vinyl for floors is starting to become a thing of the past. 2018 proposes brighter, lighter floorings that still maintain a natural look – weathered or natural wood colors.

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Rattan Baskets

3. Natural Products – Again following our spa-inspired bathroom trend – and even the use of light textured wood – 2018 wants us to immerse ourselves in the natural looks. So look forward to a lot of rattan furniture – sofas, utilitarian boxes, laundry containers, etc…

Patterned Plants

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4. Large Patterned Plants – The spa theme continues. It’s always good to have natural plants in the home. Aside from providing air, they help distress the environment. Large patterned plants are in for 2018 as decoration now, not just for their health benefits.

Bold colors

5. Bold Colors – This is so far the only expected trend that doesn’t seem in keeping with the 2018 spa-theme. But when we mean bold, 2018’s colors are much, much darker – royal purples, blacks, and deep navy greens, sitting in contrast with what is now being called “Generation Z yellow”