MC Home Depot Anniv Expo!

MC Home Depot Store Wide Sale

A store-wide sale in ALL MC Home Depot Outlets is ongoing from September 24 to 30, 2018

From  September 24 to 30, 2018, MC Home Depot will celebrate its 23rd year as the pioneer Home Depot Concept Store in the Philippines, with its first ever MC Home Depot Anniv Expo! It’s been 23 years since we opened our doors – 23 years that MC Home Depot has been at the forefront of many innovations and firsts.

MC Home Depot was the first to recognize the need to address the price and quality pitfalls of the run-by-the-mill hardware stores that run ramshod through the material requirements of hardworking individuals and families spending to build their homes – probably the most expensive investment they would make in their lives. Not only does MC Home Depot provide value -for-money products, it provides products that have been vetted by experts to guarantee that what the customers buy will do what the products says it will do.

MC Home Depot developed its own inventory management system; built a logistics arm that guaranteed delivery within a maximum of three days; helped educate corporations and homeowners alike on the construction process so that they purchased what they needed only when they needed it, and; blazed the internet highway to service both local and foreign customers in the comfort of their very homes.

23 Years later, MC Home Depot is THE “ONE-STOP SHOP” for high quality homebuilding and construction materials, home furnishings and related services.

MC Home Depot Anniv Expo

MC Home Depot’s Anniv Expo

And MC Home Depot has only just begun. The company is expanding into new territories, looking into new services and opening a sister concept store: My MC Home.

MC Home Depot would like to invite you to come to its first ever Anniv Expo: a celebration of what the company has become; the partners who’ve joined MC Home Depot over the past 23 years; and the bright future ahead. From September 24 to 30, 2018, a store-wide sale is in effect in ALL MC Home Depot outlets! On the 28th, MC Home Depot Fort Bonifacio Global Center will also host scrumptious food stalls joining the various supplier exhibits that are brimming with freebies, AND a special concert to be held at the Main Entrance of MC Home Depot BGC featuring Guji Lorenzana, Janjay Coquilla and Mojofly. This is a free chill evening open to the public. The celebration begins at 5pm.

“New Beginnings”

My MC Home is the natural next step from the country’s first Home Depot Chain.

Where its parent focused on providing reasonably priced quality building materials to construct homes, My MC Home will focus on providing aspirational personalized touches for our customer’s homes.

My MC Home showcases unique quality furniture and home accessories from Filipino

MY MC Home: Opening soon

and International suppliers, and; will provide not just installation services but professional interior designer advice to help build our customer’s dream homes.

My MC Home is the perfect place for people with new beginnings in their lives who are looking for inspiration for their homes.

Our New Beginning opens soon in:

  • The 3rd level of Met Life Mall, Macapagal Avenue corner EDSA Pasay City, and in;
  • MC Home Depot Pampanga – San Fernando Interchange, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, San Fernando Pampanga, and in;
  • MC Home Depot, Fort BGC – 32nd Street & Justicia Drive, BGC Fort, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

“MC Home Depot Build & Drive 7”

Shop and get a chance to win at MC Home Depot

MC Home Depot has a lot to be thankful for and is giving back to its loyal customers with its 7th MC Home Depot Build & Drive Promotion. Sponsored by Landlite Philippines Corporation, Toyota Motors Shaw, and the various suppliers and tenants of MC Home Depot, the annual store raffle promotion gives customers of all three MC Home Depot Outlets the chance to win not one, but three (3) Toyota Rush MPVs! From July 1 to December 31, 2018 customers with a minimum purchase of PhP 2,000, earn a raffle ticket – Customers who include PhP 500 worth of Landlite products in their PhP 2,000 minimum purchase, get double the amount of tickets to the raffle.

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