Whether you like it or not, if you live on this planet, you’ve been exposed to UV Radiation. It’s actually quite a common – and in most cases – harmless radiation that has its uses and can be quite fun. Bottom-line, UV Radiation can help us in our battle against COVID, but it can also destroy and be harmful to those around us. It is definitely not something trivial that you should play with – or carry in your pants.There are three “Bands” or wavelengths of UV Radiation and we’ll go all three today as we talk about “What you should know about UV Radiation Lamps

The Good Radiation

You deal with UV Radiation every day. It comes from that big ball of fire in the sky. Roughly only 95% of UV Radiation makes it through the atmosphere. This is usually what we call UVA radiation although some UVB also gets through (Which we will include in this discussion as the two tend to blur together). This band of radiation radiates between 315nanometers (NM) to 400nm (UVA), and;’ between 280nm and 315nm (UVB). Life on Earth is sometimes attributed to these radiation wavelengths.

Using Good Radiation

UV Radiation Lamps

We all need a little Sunshine

You see UV everyday in parties  in the form of glow-sticks; in hydroponics and aquariums in the form of that soft purple light used to grow plants and keep the water clean for your fish. You see it identifying fake bills from real ones, and; by forensics experts in crime films. You may have also read secret messages via a UV black-light.

Phototherapy is the use of varying forms of this radiation as a form of medicine. Jaundice in kids and certain skin disorders – and even certain cancers – all benefit from Phototherapy.

And of course, UV helps jumpstart the process in your body that creates Vitamin D which is an important part of your immune system.

The Warning

HOWEVER: Over-exposure to UV Radiation is also harmful. You think that tan looks great on you? That’s actually skin damage. The World Health Organization actually recommends that you avoid direct sunlight between 10AM and 4PM, particularly on days when UV Radiation is high (Summer). Continued long-term exposure to this wavelength of UV Radiation (This includes tanning beds) will increase the risk of you damaging your DNA and developing skin-cancer..

The Useful Radiation

The third wavelength of UV Radiation – UVC (200nm to 280nm) – is a germicide. Though it has it’s reservations, the CDC considers UVC as capable of killing bacteria.  WebMD though, says that UVC is effective in killing other forms of Coronavirus, so they do not doubt its effectivity against COVID19.

HOWEVER “UVC (200-280nm) is highly dangerous and can cause damage to eyes and skin. It is germicidal and can sterilize air. It penetrates the membrane of germs, bacteria, mold and dust mites, eliminating them.”

So, are UV lamps vital weapons in the battle against COVID 19? Yes. Most Definitely. BUT! You do not want to be in the same room – nor should you be in the same room – with an operating UV lamp. You risk long-term damage to your health and may actually go blind.  

UV Radiation Lamps

Which is why we are very, very pleased with the solution that Landlite Lighting Solutions came up with when they developed two UV Radiation lamps for market use. Both lamps use the very effective UVC radiation to disinfect rooms, AND both come with timers and very handy remote controls. You do not have to be in the same room as the lamps to turn them on. Minimizing any possible danger to you or your loved ones while killing up to 99.9% of bacteria viruses and molds. Some other things you should know about the Landlite UVC Lamps are that:

  • The lamps have an Ozone feature which carries the UVC radiation into the air killing bacteria, viruses and molds that are not directly exposed to lamp’s light. 
  • They do not damage food – and in fact kill food pathogens – making them great sanitizing devices. 
  • They disinfect but will not damage your gadgets – unlike say alcohol and other liquid disinfectants. 

Landlite Lighting Solutions currently offers 2 lamps that are both available at MC Home Depot:

UV Radiation Lamps

Landlite Lamps

CZTD-ZW36WYKW is the smaller of the two and is best suited for small home use. This stylish looking remote controlled lamp is effective left in rooms that are up to 40sqm in size. 

This lamp is available for at MC Home Depot for PhP 3,999.75 To purchase, To purchase, Chat with us on our Facebook page, or join our Viber Community for more information. 

CZYD-ZW60WYKW is the larger of the two and has a more industrial feel to it. Don’t worry about that exposed UV light because that folds neatly into its metallic frame. It is best used for disinfecting larger spaces as it covers areas up to 60sqm in size. Again, it comes with a remote control and timer so don’t need to worry about unnecessary exposure.

This lamp is available for at MC Home Depot for PhP 11,999.75.To purchase, Chat with us on our Facebook page, or join our Viber Community for more information. 



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